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Originally posted by Unknown_K
How is that possible with no compression?

720x486 x 30 frames a second of video = 10.368mb/sec of data
NTSC is 30 fps isn't it (29.9 something anyway)?

Your capturing 9gb in 45minites so thats 9000mb/(45min*60sec/min) = 3.3mb/sec

Which is slightly lower then the data rate I have seen for 640x480 30 fps mjpeg on the mac, same using a mpeg1 hardware card on the pc.
I never said the Flyer has no compression you did. Maybe you got the Amiga version of the Toaster confused with the PC version (Video Toaster [2]) which is uncompressed. The Flyer does slightly compress the video signal with a technique called VTASC. The Flyer card used to cost $5000 dollars and is a double sided card. The slight compression/decompression is all done in hardware and the harddisk requirements are modest by todays standards. This board is a very advanced dual video stream card and is much nicer than MPEG and Motion JPEG hardware. Still even with VTASC the Flyer is broadcast quality and better looking the MiniDV, DVD, MPEG 2, BetaCam SP etc. I am amazed that Flyer cards sell for between $350-$700 used today, it is a bargain for what it can do.

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