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andreas - when things working, i praising and blessing autors When not, i dont care if im going o "insult" someone by my opinion, but word suxx is rather defining how things worked, at least for me

But now its far, far better, almost perfect and great (tought its only a emulation and one should not expect miracles =:-/ ) and mainly the booting speed is comparable to real and realy fast Amiga!
Phew, in fact, timed it out, it beat my A4k CSPPC 060/50 with 10k RPM UW scsi drive - whats kinda good, considering my mediocre PC, as todays 1.1Ghz P3 crap is...

And whoa, 8 betas? 30 bugreports? Gosh, it looks that its time to thank many other ppls too, for their AMAZING work on WinUAE!
So, dudes, even i dont know us, a BIG thanks must go to us all, since WinUAE seems, at least for me, greatly improved - at least into the boot time and AOS 3.9 bb2 compatibility matters, so - dont fall asleep on roses of fame - but its time to admit that WinUAE getting close to perfection
F*cking good job, dudes!

fiath - good job, then! Congratulations.
I dont even want to spoil all that by testing, if the ENV: on disk worked or not
Since i fear that no - at least yet.
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