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Stick out tongue Zultabong

Drawing and scrapbooking some material for a new logo and design I thought for an Amiga business that develops games and chiptune music. Been watching this program on the Discovery channel called Game Of Stones where the colour of this gem called Zultanite changes through different light. It is an extremely rare gemstone only found in the mountains of Turkey. I thought it would be cool to create a 3D ball that looks like a round Zultanite which bounces up and down and morphs at the same time like the Boing Ball. The three iconic colours that the stone transforms into is red, green and yellow. Thought it would sweet to add a unique touch to it's appearance by making the colours morph into blue, purple and pink instead. It would be reminiscent of those old TSRH and Zenith Amiga Demos that have Gem's with stripes morphing along with the chiptune music that is played. The name of the company would be called Zultabong.

Here's an excellent chiptune for some inspiration

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