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Here's just the english text..

Google showed its first motherboard with chip POWER8 . Mackean Gordon , senior director of the U.S. company , has released the image on your Google+ profile and has just called "Google Power8 server motherboard " . The manager is also president of the OpenPower Foundation, non-profit organization dedicated to developing open ecosystem in the server , born from the will of Google , IBM, Nvidia , Mellanox and Tyan , and which subsequently were added other companies.

If Amazon is thinking of alternatives to be untied from Intel's Xeon , even Google is not going to look at and the fruits of collaboration with other companies in the industry are beginning to see. The commitment of the house Mountain View goes in a specific direction : hardware more efficient , stable, and less expensive, so you have not only more control over their finances, but also the opportunity to provide more efficient services , or entirely new users .

At the moment it is not clear what Google wants to do with the Power server , that is, whether it will install them immediately in functioning infrastructure in their server farm , or whether it is only in the testing phase . " A real server platform is also essential to measure performance and make continuous improvements ," said Mackean . Obviously this is not only to move from one chip to another , but also to develop appropriate software .

Google has global infrastructure , huge and expensive , with dozens of data centers around the world that manage YouTube , Gmail , search, Drive and much more: each minimal optimization , if widespread among the cascade of its network infrastructure , can bring great improvements . It's from last year that Google has begun to invest heavily in hardware and in the first quarter expenditure ( capex ) totaled 2.35 billion .
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