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new WAV to 8SVX converter for Amiga, MorphOS and Linux

I do not know if i post this to the correct category, please relocate if not.

I've just finished rewriting my WAV to 8SVX converter in C, so i publish it, maybe someone can use it.
The converter can convert any kind of WAV to 8SVX; it supports signed/unsigned 8/16/24/32-bit WAV with any number of channel.
The converter mix the channels to one and resample the wave to signed 8-bit.

Optionally the sampling frequency can be specified (as the third parameter) which can be maximally 65535 Hz (8SVX format does not support higher) and if it was given, then the output wave will be resampled to that frequency. If no frequency or a higher frequency was specified than the source's, the source wave's frequency will be used.

Download links:
Amiga 68000
Amiga 68020
Amiga 68020 + 68881
Linux AMD64
Linux i386
Linux PowerPC
MorphOS PowerPC
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