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I understand that this is done as a hobby project, and as such there is a limit to the features we can request. It would be interesting though if some people could work on developing the selector application, or an alternative to it.

I think it would be very beneficial if we could get the following features, though I guess this is something that would require a team effort;

1. USB Drive mount software - Access to the USB stick in the gotek, to copy/move/delete adf files and rename them on the amiga side. For example being able to access it through Directory Opus etc.
Or simply use the amiga to make images of real disks to .adfs without having to store them on the hd and transfer to pc first in order to use them with the gotek.
2. Mount list support - Create a text file with list of disk images, and allow to simply select this in order for it to mount the adfs in the slot you select and forward. Would make it great for showing demos etc, and even gaming.
3. Option in selector software to create a new blank floppy disk image (adf) on the amiga side, in order to prepare save disks etc.
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