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Well, I got this message, what it is I dont know. I think you want to know what this is all about, so there is a little story...

I was playing with WinUAE, and created the perfect configuration for me (on folder "comparison" in archive), one that I can reach +40 MHz in CE modes, without sloppy mouse movement or choppy sound, if this is the way native English speakers say.

Its not perfect yet, but very close, one of the thing I learned is that disabling Catalyst AI (my video board is a Radeon HD 4xxx), seems to speed up WinUAE, and probably fix the malformed texture I get when using masks, too. Interestingly, with this configuration the WinUAE configuration window dont get forever to open when I press F12 to open it, too...

(Ah guys, I am looking for a good Radeon HD 4xxx Tweaker for Windows, please help me, I need very much. )

Then I did had the idea to redo the entire configuration using a "fresh-start", removing all clutter of it. For this I opened two WinUAE panels with Explorer, on one I loaded that configuration and on other I created a fresh configuration with Quickstart A1200, and copied (clicked actually) every option to the "other" WinUAE (new configuration), *minus* the options that remained, and that I guess, which was slowing down WinUAE on my machine.

"Remove interlace artifacts" seems to slowdown the emulator even if I dont open a interlaced screen, it gets very slow. "Double fields" and "double fields+" seems to slow it even if a non interlaced screen is frontmost. I may be wrong of everything, naturally.

Certain combinations of native chipset and RTG options, seems to slowdown the emulation, mainly that from VSync and "Buffer mode" combo boxes, on both "expansions" panel and "display" panel, even without RTG board.

After I copied the Quickstart 1200 to the configuration "2", without modify the RTG options, I ran it, and it crashed. My intention, was to remove any comflict between the RTG options with a fresh configuration.

[EDIT: The best test for it I know, is to run an emulator inside WinUAE on a low spec computer (I use a Dual Core 2 GHz). I usually do this to run emulators with the AmigaOS look and feel, that I love to do, but is good too to test the strenghness of WinUAE and to some degree of the emulators. I love to play with A/NES and classic Nintendo/Capcom roms.

I thought it was interesting how WinUAE options affected emulation speed, without I knowing why the speed go down and not remembering and not giving attention to the changes I did.]

I dont want to bother you or to make you angry, everything here are speculations and I can be wrong, probably. You know how a computer is unpredictable...
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