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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Without actually trying it, I'm pretty sure the numbers "wrap round", so with the latest firmware you can press both buttons to return to Disk Image 0, then press the down button to go to the last image in the list.
That seems logical. I was thinking more about if I had (say) 250 images on my USB. If I last used disk 73 and now wanted to load disk 134, I assume there's no way other to get to 134 than making sure nobody interrupts me while I'm counting the difference as I repeatedly press the up button.

Perhaps a simple modification to the selector application could give the use an option to select the disk that will boot, meaning that a quicker way could be to press both buttons then use the selector to specify disk 134 on next boot?

The non display Gotek gives a much neater installation, but I worry it might get frustrating in use.
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