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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Loading/parsing this text file should be very fast. Create such file could be done easy (maybe with a script)
That just makes the setup/running progress of PT-1210 more complex, unnecessarily. As it is right now it's fire and forget, and I'd love it to stay that way.

Asking people to pre-analyze their mods is a no-no. As you can see above, someone is even getting problems running this from the CLI.
I don't see what the textfile would improve. Switching "crates" on the fly is a valid request, but this text file "option" seems pointless.

What is so complicated about copying software (one file) to C: or modules path, then fill directory with modules?
If you don't want to unload/reload PT-1210, isn't 200 modules not enough?
If you need more categorization, you can use filename renaming. You can 1-char-code modules at the beginning to know what 'type' they are or whatever.

Solutions that already work are many. I would be under the impression that most anyone that has the motivation to dig out an old computer to use this will have the creativity t come up with solutions to little problems like this.

Akira, your "program set up" should be done easy without to reboot by just exit PT-1210 and hit a button on WB.
I'll say it again ( ): screw Workbench.
It takes me 15 seconds (on an 020) tops to reboot and load PT-1210 into a crate with about a hundred modules, so I don't see any need for anything else.
My startup-sequence IS my launch tool.
People can make their own. I can post mine if people are interested. The slowest bit of it is going through iterations of Keypressed. Still is blazingly fast.

Adding ANYTHING to the soft in the way of frontends or whatever, is just a waste of time and adds unnecessary complexity to an otherwise solid and simple, right-to-the-job software.
If people would use it as intended (and not just in the comfort of their home desktops ) they would understand some decisions more.
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