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Ok, I understand and that it is boring to code DOS stuff. Altough it is better to not swap mod files over hd into a directory. I guess the text file would make things easier. It could contain full path of mods, bpm and other data you need. Loading/parsing this text file should be very fast. Create such file could be done easy (maybe with a script) with exception of BPM. At least HippoPlayer can save modlists which contain only full path but for create mixing sets it is good. However, its all about what DJ`s want, not me.

Maybe such feature could be add to PT-1210 MK1 v1.1 or just MK2 released easter next year or some other party.

Akira, your "program set up" should be done easy without to reboot by just exit PT-1210 and hit a button on WB. If you not on WB a simple script start do the trick. Or maybe some launch tool. Just a thought. On the other hand, if the amiga crash a simple reboot solution save your life.
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