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Originally Posted by eebuckeye View Post
I'm ok with using a PC+WinUAE. :-)

Are there any incompatibilities using 3.9 for WHDLOAD (especially older games)?
Not at all, one of the raisons d'ĂȘtre of WHDLoad is exactly to avoid incompabilities with the newer systems.

WHDLoad also comes with a built-in kickstart emulator (or remapper?) for older games, so even older games work

I use 3.9 on my A4000 at home, works perfectly! I seem to remember I used it for a short-while on my A1200 too, but without a 030 is too slow to use. Don't even think of installing 3.9 without at least 8MB of Fast RAM, either! (I think 4MB is the bare minimum, but you'll get out of memory doing EVERYTHING)
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