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Originally posted by Unknown_K
From my understanding the flyer just dumps data without compression to a hard disk, which means you better have massive storage and it better be extremely fast. Other cards can capture without compression I assume, but at high resolution this would fill up a raid at 30mb/sec (or something like that) pretty quickly so its not used in its final form. If your making a DVD any footage will end up as MPEG2 so why compare the uncompressed video to the final product.
Because you will not always be going out to DVD, you might be going live to broadcast television, or you might have to do some video layering so you would want your footage to have the least amount of compression because if you layer several video clips you will start to get video artifacting if your video is compressed. The Flyer works with SCSI 2 hard drives and these can be found for a bargain. A 9GB drive gets you about 45 minutes of video with the Flyer.
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