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You just have to do what I said. You copy the program either to C: or to the modules directory as hoffman said, you CD to that directory, then invoke it by its name.

Originally Posted by daxb View Post
you have to restart PT-1210 if you want to change the mod directory. I guess it isn`t a good idea to have a lot of mods list visible (scroll malfunction).
There isn't a scroll malfunction. But if you have a lot you get lost.
It's impractical, but you can have up to 200 there. I would never recommend it.

What would you like while live acting?
That's the main reason. I have tested this thoroughly in *real* situations and henceforth developed the user interface.
Although your suggestion is interesting (but not using assign, let's remember we're killing the system), it remains the question of whether it makes any sense interface wise. It's worth having into account though.

The way I have the program set up, I start the computer into a different folder (crate) on boot with a selective startup sequence. The machine boots up in seconds and you don't need to bother with any sort of typing or anything. It works great in a live setting.
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