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About starting and access to mods. The current solution isn`t really good. With CD to a mods folder mentioned by Akira works but you have to restart PT-1210 if you want to change the mod directory. I guess it isn`t a good idea to have a lot of mods list visible (scroll malfunction). A possibility to change to different mix-mod-collections would be nice. Like sample banks but just for mods. With the assign command (e.g. "assign set1: pathtoset1", "assign set2: pathtoset2", aso.) you could do such things but I`m not sure if it is the best solution. PT-1210 have to provide access to different mod sets in some way. Another way would be to access the mod sets via text file where the DJ has assorted his set. What do you think? What would you like while live acting?
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