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Thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far and I hope you enjoy the material.

Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Kindle Only?
There are apps to download the kindle reader to your android phone and pc / laptop so it is possible to access without a kindle. I actually don't own a kindle, but have the kindle reader on my phone and tablet as well as work computer. The software syncs all the devices so that they all show the last page read which is handy.

We may look at using the Amazon createspace function to create a physical copy of the book. The formatting needs to be changed slightly as some of the pictures need to have their pixels per inch ratio amended to ensure top quality.

Due to the volume of pages the cost is quite high but it is something that I will be looking at in the next couple of months. It would be nice to link it to an update of the PD CD / harddrive compliation I made a while ago as there are new games which could be added as a result of researching this book.

There is a PDF version of the book which could be made available but ideally it would be nice to have a small contribution to mencap rather than making it 100% free - this could change in the future. The main advantage of the kindle route is that if we need to make an update (we were hoping to have an extended interview with Edgar Vigdal as well), everyone who has purhcased a copy should get a notificiation to download the new version or in some cases it will happen automatically if the settings have been changed accordingly.

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