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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
And because there is no enclosure you will lose customers who like there Amiga's to be aesthetically pleasing.
Indeed, but some customers are always better than none

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Gordon, I think you're wrong. As long as it feels robust, functions and is a good price people will buy it. Look at the ACA500!

Monty, if users are not going to be changing the PIC. Why not solder the PIC directly to the PCB and save the cost of the socket?

Suggestion : you could use heat shrink on top and hide everything aesthetically. Easily removed should a user want to.
Production units will have no socket, I was only using the socket for development. It won't shave much off the price though - I buy them in bulk from the far east very cheaply indeed.

I don't like the idea of using heat shrink - it's a bit of a schoolboy solution and will hide the LED. Besides - a bare PCB didn't do the Raspberry Pi any harm!

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