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Originally Posted by Vicky View Post
I connected the drive. I installed the OS 3.9 scsi.device driver. I rebooted the machine. The green light goes on for the drive and it spins. The screen shows no recognition of the CD in the drive. I installed the FindCD utility. Then it shows two CD-Rom icons. When I double click on one of them, all the drawers look like CDs instead of drawers.

Right, not sure what you mean.
What OS3.9 scsi driver, as the scsi is nothing to do with getting CDROM working. I have never done this and managed to use CD-ROM without any messing about on a stock 3.1 ROM. Obviously it wont boot from it, but its seen in workbench if cd filesystem and cachecdfs is installed.

If you open IDEFix97 package and use FindDevice, report back what that says under scsi (you may have to tick show all devices).
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