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Eek Erm.....

Amigaboy, I don't think a Celeron 466 will do this latest release of WinUAE justice. My AMD Athlon 600 struggles with quite a few games to get the full 50FPS so I wouldn't hold out much hope for your bro's machine. The Putty Squad Demo and the 3D Doom type games (Breathless, Alien Breed 3D) seem to run the slowest on my PC. The reason the latest WinUAE is so damn good is because it emulates so much of the Amiga's hardware almost nigh-on perfect. This perfection however does come at a price and that price is speed. To really get the most out of the latest releases you definitely need to have a nice fast processor. We're talking 1Ghz plus here. There is only so much you can fiddle with in the WinUAE settings but when it comes down to it the only solution is to get a faster computer.

Tell your brother to try WinUAE v0.8.17r3. This version runs at perfect speed on my machine but with half the features of the latest release.
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