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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Yes, agreed, it'd make the project much more complex.
Yup, more complex, not necessarily unneeded, but a bit overkill for my usage. Goal was to simply make it work . Improvement could be to make it learn. When I wrote it yesterday I figured it wouldn't be that much of a change hardware wise. One more button to initiate learning and probably blinking leds to signal what function is next to be learned. Maybe switch LED with bi color LED, same space (I don't want to riddle front side of the gotek with new LEDs ) so blinking one color would be to signal function to be learned and blinking another color would indicate if it was successful. It could be done with one, but it would be easier to follow with two colors .

I've attached Eagle schematic, arudino source and compiled hex files for ATtiny84 and 85.

Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
I haven't come across that one - I must look into it
Here's the link i used

Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Yeah that counts for a lot. Actually (and yes, I know I'm drifting off topic now) have you played with one of these?
They look pretty neat - I definitely want to have a play with them. Cheap enough to throw casually into a project, and I love the snap-off-the-USB-plug-when-programmed idea. Could even use the stub afterwards to program a Gotek drive!
Nope, I haven't. Looks very interesting, way more powerful than simple ATtiny and ATmega . Luckily I don't have an idea where to use one so I'm safe . They're even cheaper than ATtinies I found on ebay . But postage from most of distributers is "ouch" :/.
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