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WinUAE Speeds?

After testing the latest WinUAE release (0.8.22 Release 5), my brother and I have come to the conclusion that it definately is the greatest release so far.

But, my brother brought to my attention a speed issue
He says that with Fuzzball (System 3), the game runs slower than it should. In 0.88r8, the game worked at full speed without problems.
I believe I've seen this happen on his machine with a couple of other games too.

We've tried all of the usual WinUAE trickery before anyone suggests something like that

All I want to know is, can WinUAE be optimised in any way to have games like this run at full speed? or is it already optimised as much as possible?

My brother's machine is a Celeron 466 with a Voodoo 3 (I think)

btw - This speed issue isn't a big thing. He can always switch back to 0.88r8 whenever he finds a game that runs slow
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