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Originally Posted by Solo761 View Post
Now that I think about it, I wonder if size has to do with the tone or with the volume? I hope it's only volume, it won't be nice if it's more screechy than bigger one .
I'm sure it'll be OK - all it does is make a "tick" every time the drive head steps, so if you double-sided-tape it to the Gotek's casing, I doubt it'll sound significantly different from the larger ones

Yes, but that would make it more complex. There should be a button to enter learning mode, and probably one to switch between functions to learn. Or just one button and you'd need to go through all functions, even if you want to change only one function.
Yes, agreed, it'd make the project much more complex.

For second version I used LadyAda's IR tutorial. It works flawlessly every time.
I haven't come across that one - I must look into it

Plus with this "raw" reading method compiled hex is under 2kB, it can work with either ATtiny84 and 85. With IR library it was 6+, it could only fit in ATtiny85.
Yeah that counts for a lot. Actually (and yes, I know I'm drifting off topic now) have you played with one of these?
They look pretty neat - I definitely want to have a play with them. Cheap enough to throw casually into a project, and I love the snap-off-the-USB-plug-when-programmed idea. Could even use the stub afterwards to program a Gotek drive!
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