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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Wouldn't they have been the type with built-in drive circuitry, though? You don't want that type.
Usually yes, like standard miniature speaker. But for some reason I got few with an ITX case.

Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Yup, they should be fine - I used 35mm ones rather than 20, but it shouldn't make a massive difference.
Now that I think about it, I wonder if size has to do with the tone or with the volume? I hope it's only volume, it won't be nice if it's more screechy than bigger one . Hopefully not, I only want some audio feedback if game is loading or if something is stuck .

Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Nice work! Have you considered making it "teachable" so you can use any old remote you have lying around? (I made an infra-red repeater gizmo using an Arduino Duemilianova a while back - a kind of macro recorder - and stored learned programs in eeprom. I'll dig out the source sometime if it'd be helpful? I used Ken Shirriff's IR library.)
Yes, but that would make it more complex. There should be a button to enter learning mode, and probably one to switch between functions to learn. Or just one button and you'd need to go through all functions, even if you want to change only one function.

I had remote like this so I used that. Power button resets counter to 000 (makes both buttons pressed), ch up is count up, ch down is count down, volume left is button up toggle (you click it and it "keeps" the button pressed for fast forward until you click it again), volume right is button down toggle and mute is used to tune the remote.

In first version I also used Ken Shirriff's IR library, but it was flaky. Once tuned it worked fine, but tuning was too unreliable. For second version I used LadyAda's IR tutorial. It works flawlessly every time. Plus with this "raw" reading method compiled hex is under 2kB, it can work with either ATtiny84 and 85. With IR library it was 6+, it could only fit in ATtiny85.
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