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Is this project working with all A1000 revisions?
NTSC / PAL-PiggyPack / PAL-Color
To make this project, I have used an article published in a German magazine about a project of a single ROM Kickstart adapter. The modifications needed for my adapter are the same. The logic used to switch between the two Kickstarts is totally invisible for the Amiga.
The Kickstart Switcher needs also a Reset signal which is taken onto the motherboard.

I'm on vaccation in three days, and I'll test the adapter onto my second A1000 (PAL without Piggyboard). I'm sure it will work fine. The modications which are different onto the motherboard are the ones needed onto the jumpers.

Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
Any modifications on the motherboard or PiggyPack required (I think so)?
Or just plug and play ... (possible on cpu-socket with some logic).
Yes, modifications needed. Sorry... Modifications... & after only... Plug & Play!

Originally Posted by Ratte View Post
(2007 .. without logic .. with motherboard modification)
Yes, I know this project. But, I have discovered it after launching mine. The modifications for the motherboard and the Piggyboard are approximately the same.

Modifications are not complicated to achieve. I'm actually working onto an installation manual in French & English with photos to explain step by step the installation.

I hope I have answered to your questions.

Best regards.

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