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Originally Posted by Solo761 View Post
Dang, I had some buzzers I got with PC cases, who knows where they ended .
Wouldn't they have been the type with built-in drive circuitry, though? You don't want that type.

Luckily I found some one ebay, 10 pcs for $2. At first I looked for "piezo speaker" and found only 5 pcs for $4-5.
Yup, they should be fine - I used 35mm ones rather than 20, but it shouldn't make a massive difference.

My remote mod is finally finished, it took a long time for attiny's to arrive . Here's how it looks, Arduino is used only as 5V power supply
Nice work! Have you considered making it "teachable" so you can use any old remote you have lying around? (I made an infra-red repeater gizmo using an Arduino Duemilianova a while back - a kind of macro recorder - and stored learned programs in eeprom. I'll dig out the source sometime if it'd be helpful? I used Ken Shirriff's IR library.)
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