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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post

Sometimes I look into libs drawer and I found that appears a amigaguide.library file that didnt existed. I delete it and after a while it appears again!

Should be a virus, does anyone knows what it can be?

I think this is the issue I had with the CGX, sometimes it crash, or appears a yellow alert, or it complains about that damn library. The entire problem got worse when I changed the WB wallpaper to an tiled picture, now WB dont load.

But even worse, I found that even the "boot without startup-sequence" feature of Early Setup, dont work anymore. I run VT, and for my surprise it complains about the POLISHPOWER virus . Could it be a false positive because I run OS 3.9 BB4, and this was released very later? I assume BB4 is free of viruses...

My entire system is made of OS 3.1 + BetterWB + OS 3.9 + BB1 + BB2 + BB3 + BB4 + PFSAIO, in that install sequence. That is, it was patched over and over with each "file".

Thanks, cheers!
Hmm, I think I found a solution for this issue.

Seems a CGX specific tool needs that library, I copied the official amigaguide.library from Aminet, and now it works. I dont understand how that library appeared so many times, fun is that I didnt had any problem at all with OS 3.1, only with 3.9 version. I am guessing the library was actually a zero filled file, my bad I didnt loaded it with a hex editor, but I what dont understand is how that specific tool opened the file for writting and worse, if the OS loaded the unusable library in memory... Strange!

More than strange is that I was looking for the BB2 password for me to open the archive and copy the OS 3.9 picture.datatype library (I was using the own CGX version with OS 3.9, seems this is not the right way to do it with this OS version), everything OK, but when I was in Windows Firefox, WinUAE "suddendly turned" from full screen into a window on the desktop, but WITHOUT my command at all! I did nothing for it to happen!

Ah, but the fun thing, is that this problem in particular was caused everytime I am on Windows desktop, and when my screen blanker opens a new RTG screen...

And finally, the "boot without startup-sequence" was not working because I had disabled console.device from "SetPatch SKIPROMMODULES".

Thanks for the time, and sorry for the fuss/hype, or whatever it is called in English language.

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