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amigaguide.library virus


Sometimes I look into libs drawer and I found that appears a amigaguide.library file that didnt existed. I delete it and after a while it appears again!

Should be a virus, does anyone knows what it can be?

I think this is the issue I had with the CGX, sometimes it crash, or appears a yellow alert, or it complains about that damn library. The entire problem got worse when I changed the WB wallpaper to an tiled picture, now WB dont load.

But even worse, I found that even the "boot without startup-sequence" feature of Early Setup, dont work anymore. I run VT, and for my surprise it complains about the POLISHPOWER virus . Could it be a false positive because I run OS 3.9 BB4, and this was released very later? I assume BB4 is free of viruses...

My entire system is made of OS 3.1 + BetterWB + OS 3.9 + BB1 + BB2 + BB3 + BB4 + PFSAIO, in that install sequence. That is, it was patched over and over with each "distro".

Thanks, cheers!

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