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Apart from my general information about what is going on, pandy71's advice is correct, or at least Youtube will mangle your video less if it's at least 720p. Getting that out of WinUAE is not possible I think, which is why I use Free Screen To Video and screen capture it instead. The alternative is to use the Recorded Amiga Games method I mention, but I'm not saying there's a guarantee your video won't get mangled.

You won't get Youtube to display a video with > 30 fps until something wonderful happens, i.e. Youtube webdevs must put in some work to support some 1980s quality 50/60Hz format and so will be able to encode to something other than the standard "something like 25 fps" FLV or 25/30 FPS MP4. Either way you'll be going with H264 for best results I think.
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