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Originally posted by IanS
Akira, perhaps you should answer the questions I asked. There are plenty of real time effects packages available that don't rely on proprietry hardware. How many Athlon 2000+ machines and effects packages can you buy with the same money as one A4000 and a Toaster? Maybe a Toaster can outpace one machine, but how about 2, 3, 4 or more running concurrently?
Add 10,000 Athlon 2000+ machines, that still will not give you a switcher or a 10 nanasecound CG, Chroma Effects, and none MPEG or Motion JPEG video compression. The Video Toaster Flyer on the Amiga uses VTASC which is a quality way of saving video on a harddisk. It looks way better than DVD video even, which is MPEG 2. In fact the only way I know of to add a switcher to the PC is with the Video Toaster [2] card also from Newtek. It will set you back $2995 though not including the SX-8 breakout box which is another $1999. I own both so I know.
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