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Hmmmm, i guess i have to ask something.

For now i feel this Minimig+ is insufficient, it seems it could just perform like an average 030, plus, as Nova pointed if it's a mere 68000 core, it will lose the instructions needed for many AGA programs to run.

I have a question for experts here.

We have seen several attempts of implementation in the last years.
Many ideas... We even have seen the attempt to build new hardware from scratch.

We have concluded that actual hardware can't implement a "fast enough core" to effectivelly retire our old "fast" hardware.

But, what about using several cores?

I mean... What about a low-cost PPC as a CPU having two operating modes selected by user (native PPC and emulated 68K) and have audio and video emulated thru two different implementations over two different chips?

It's clear it would come with a more expensive price, but i'm not sure it would be more expensive than a full-fledged A1200 including 060 board and such.

I guess there won't be problems to implement AGA (with extra modes and features) over some FPGAs, and audio would be much easier... About the CPU core, i guess the 020 core included in UAE could do the task... And could run quite well on a low-cost PPC if selected.

However, as i'm not an expert, i don't know if this idea has serious drawbacks.

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