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WHDLOAD coders needed for Prisma Megamix support

Prisma Megamix is a new audio card from A-EON Technology for selected Amiga clockport and Zorro-equipped Amiga computers.

There are many projects planned and being developed for Prisma currently. One project that we would like to support is WHDLOAD slaves where CDDA music/sound is missing, which is most often in CD32 titles.

Prisma can play PCM and OGG as well as many other files through the Prisma.library

We would like to support games such as Simon the Sorceror, Speedball 2 CD32, Kid Chaos etc etc which all have CDDA music missing in the WHDLOAD versions.

So there are two aspects to the project: the WHDLOAD installer needs to rip the CDDA tracks to PCM file or similar, then the WHDLOAD slave needs to simply call the prisma.library to play the track during the game.

Are there any coders out there that can help with this project?

Novacoder has already done some great work with his Duke Nukem port with Prisma support. The following YouTube video is an example of what can be achieved: [ Show youtube player ] is online now  
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