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A couple of questions if I may?


I've always wondered why there are those two options, wait for blitter and immediate blitter. I've read the mouse overs and understand what they do but what makes Winuae not be able to emulate the real hardware that you need to add hacks?

Is there no way to have a CPU secure speed so as not to need these, obviously I guess not otherwise you would have done it but I'm just interested as WinUAE handles so much of the hardware brilliantly.

IF this is a question that needs a 10 page answer them please ignore it, I don't want to take up your time on it.

The other question is that when I'm running the latest set of beta's in full screen I get a long white line a couple of pixels high the same length as the viewable screen but about 10 pixels below it in the black border that goes when the machine boots with no disc in..

Just running it as a totally untouched config from the quicklaunch screen.

I'm merely asking if it has a reason, it does not bother me at all hence no configs sent in, just wondered if it was some sort of on screen test as I'd never seen it before the more recent sets of beta's.

As said its not an issue to me...Just wondering..
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