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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Does not really help much, sorry. Too much important information is missing.

First I assume this has nothing to do with 2.7.1 or 2.8.0.. There has not been any interesting cirrus logic updates in this beta.
Second this kind of crash can also happen if stack is too low.
If by 4 you mean 4 colors, VGA planar modes are strange, they may not be fully JIT compatible.
MUST test without JIT too. If only happens with JIT: Fix can be annoying.
No Toni, sorry, I mean 640x512 and 4 bits (16 colors) AGA mode. Sorry, I explained so quickly I didnt said the details.

Do you ask if it happens only with JIT, well, it happens only with JIT and Z3 FastRAM together.

You said that this bug kind can be a stack overflow, its yet possible but I did put this line at the top of startup-sequence:
C:MinStack 16384
Things changed, did get interesting now?


I was finishing to write for you that you can remove the last posts if you want, but after I entered the entire reply, I was surprised with a little issue. I commented all patches from my system and re-enabled they by two times and for my surprise, the side effect was different. I booted the system by two times with a CGX mode and always after the boot I changed to AGA. The first boot it worked, but after the first it not worked and WinUAE got H1 state after the screen mode change. Probably this means nothing, but I am surprised with the different behaviour of the patches each time always with the JIT together, that I thought could mean something.

Sorry, I will not bother* you anymore with this, I am only interested to help, but I think I am posting so many times for useless things, its beginning to look like I would be "forcing" you to make things you cant.

* Changed to a nicer word.

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