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Tryed again with freespace but gave up after 2 hours of trying any possible setting there is with that analog joystick stuff. Than a strange idea came to my mind. Why not use the damn wintoast profile editor from the makers of my pad...

I managed to "hack" Freespace,4D Sports driving,No Second Price and many other games to work in some fake anlog mode by setting my controlers left ministick to emulate an analog mouse.
I used the controller instead of the win mouse in uae port 1.I had to set it to mouse cause in default mode it would be recognized corectly as controlpad in port 1.
Now ANY game that supports a mouse as input device works with the controller instead of the mouse.Also workbench is usable.Wich were very nice if I had a wireless pad.
I could go on and set key layout A to port 2 and set that to the POV(digipad) and some buttons in that Profile editor.

I think many Amiga flightsimulators supported mouse as control and it is very accurate.
Maybe that helps zygzak with his problen,too.
Finally it pays off, to have watched macgyver as a child.

EDIT: If someone's using any UAE on an IBM Thinkpad with that red ministick on the keybord,I guess that must feel very similar compared to my method.
Using the workbench with a controller felt a bit like good old dreamcast.
Writing this I have another brilliant idea but my dreamcast died a few years ago. On the dreamcast it would have been the 'default' setting to have the mouse set to the analog stick.

How hard would it be to build that:!

And than buy this:
To investigate how an analogstick behaves on real hardware.

If anyone who can handle a soldering iron reads this than feel free to report data to Toni.

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