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Dezz has been fighting in the meantime with a deficiency of the video clock generator chip that was a novelty to Rev3. Finally this part has been put on a little separate, easy-to-exchange module, breaking the dependancy on this very chip. New PCBs are on the way.

1. Why not a simple IDC ribbon? Because of noise. There is no noise this way (neither in case of analog signals, nor for high-bandwidth digital ones), no need for user-made cables because of this.
2. It's not at all compulsory, one can ask for ribbon cables, instead of the STP/UTP ones. Also, two cables are enough in case of an analog- or digital-only setup.
3. The A1200 RJ45 Module is designed to fit nicely with the keyboard adapter for Mediator.
4. The A4000 RJ45 Module is designed to fit nicely under the undermost board.
5. The cables can also be easily leaded onto the other side of the busboard (beside the end of the busboard slot), towards the Expansion slot where the Switcher Module will be located. (There can also be a version to be fitted in a normal board slot, in case of need.)
6. The RJ45 modules are detachable. These are really part of the Switcher Module bundle.
7. There will also be other output options, like VGA with just one cable or a HDMI board to be fitted in place of the RF modulator.

BTW, the mailing list is not working for some unknown reason since november.
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