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But the question remains,why does it work perfect wit F1GP and not with Freespace for example. As I said it is recognized by the calib tool of freespace but ingame you fly to the lower left of the screen all the time.
If you have the demo from aminet you could give it a try. It is not the worst game.
Better question: is it even supposed to work? It is a PC port and if developer does not have analog joystick, it may not have ever been tested.

= real Amiga analog joystick is still needed!

Is it possible to support more than 2 analog axis'?Since Freespace supports a PSX pad it could in theory use both analog sticks and up to 10 Buttons + the digital pad.
All we got is 2 axis and 4 buttons.
Not a request just an idea.First of all analog support should be usable with most,if not all,games that have implemented that kind of functionality.
No. At least without new protocol, for example serial data like CD32 pad uses for extra buttons.

One last question.
I never tried a PSX pad on a real Amiga.
How is the button mapping working on real hardware? Can i only use the 2 button + digi pad standard or is there some kind of soft/hardware hack to use more buttons or the analog sticks on dual shock pads?
Hardware has 3 physical lines reserved for buttons. CD32 serial hack allows more buttons.
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