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OK. I gave it a try but i think somthing is broken.
I know it was working some years ago but I do not remember what I did exactly.
I fired up F1GP and did set Joy 1 to analog in uae settings.
But in the calibration screen it says 'Please move full left and press fire'.
But i can press whatever button I want and it does nothing.
I tried the predefined setup with the digital directions as buttons and I tried to set button 5 as the standard digital joy 1 or joy 2 fire button but nothing does help.
Do I have to set Joy port one to analog stick before running winuae?
That woud at least explain why I can still move the pointer with my mouse even if the port is set to analog stick.

BTW: I think that this is much more important than tablet pressure support.
Most people seem to use the emulator for gaming.
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