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Akira: Sorry, my mistake...I meant to say copy protected disks but for some reason equated non-DOS with copy protected. Doh.

I made an image of a diskspare disk just before I posted...the image was created ok, but it couldn't be read in the emulator. When I "inserted" the adf and mounted the diskspare device, the cli command simply didn't didn't hang, but I had to eventually ctrl-c it to stop it. I have an exact copy of my Amiga's harddisk on my PC, so that isn't the problem. Thing is, diskspare disks can hold over 900K of data using the normal 80 tracks, but the adf created was still 880K in size. I used the command "transdis >disk.adf -d diskspare.device 0" btw. I've seen adfs greater than 880K before, so I'm definitely going to keep looking for a way to do this.
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