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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
starting from 2710b8 got an guru after a while (btw. last version where it still works fine is 2710b7)
You said "not working" which is always bad idea -> I thought it was that usual old issue. "Not Working" never works.

Demo has horrible code (probably explain why it says "Ei toimi AGAlla" which is finnish for "does not work with AGA") that only works accidentally. ADD.W D0,$DFF066 is not that good idea.. (or writing to blitter registers, then waiting for blitter and finally writing to BLTSIZE..)

Tweaked to work again but behavior of reading write-only custom register is not fully known. (Value that gets written to register is known, value that CPU gets back is not known)

Undefined emulation parts can and will break, even if it appeared to work previously. Fortunately these kinds of situations are rare. (Similar to writing to blitter registers while blitter is active, behavior is not known)
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