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I tried Virtual Karting II,Freespace and a few other. No luck with any of them.Tested with a Saitek P880 usb.
I remember that I got it working with a cheap USB steering wheel and Formula 1 grand prix a few years ago.
Not very usefull and the pedals did not work or I had to set them to digital mode. I think it was a pre 2.0 version of WinUAE maybe 1.6.
Also I found a tool called 'AnalogJoystick' on Aminet.It works nice but the x and y axis are interchanged.It is just some sourcecode and a little demo to paint some dots with the analog stick.

The Freespace calibtool shows a range of 256000 steps I don't know if that value is given by the emulated stick or the tool itself.
But isn't that a bit to much?

The above mentioned wheel had only 2048(maybe less) steps to both directions and 512 for the pedals IIRC...
As reported by the win driver tools.
For my p880 i can't even tell since the stupid win7 soft remains silent about that.Or I simply did not find the damn option.^^But I it has for sure no 256000 steps!!!

Is there even a standard value for the range of potentiometer values or is that issue coverd by drivers or does it depend on the A-D converter in the Joystick?

Maybe on the Amiga it is like game X works only with joystick from brand Z.
It would not surprise me.Not on that computersystem... ;-)

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