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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
A Backbone game "Marco Gregorio's Adventures to Unusual Places" is released for your enjoyment.
The game features 5 levels, 3 of them are location levels and 2 are walking levels.
The music has been used from Sound Terrific MOD compilation with author credits acknowledged in the game.
Tiles and sprites were created be me, my friend and heavily modified Cammy tiles.
Sound FX are made by me and some are from Backbone.

The game was tested on A1200 68030 50MHz and it runs fine.

To install the game, just decompress it to HD and click on Marco icon.

Few tips and quirks:
1. Because there is a small problem with Backbone when you die over "Danger Area" like water, you will respawn to the beginning of a level and restart. So, you need to finish the level w/o dieing.
2. I limited fire/throw axe speed, so it's harder to kill enemies, you can't just blast through enemies.
3. You need to collect all items before advancing to the next level.
4. In the Mayan level not all gates open.
5. I used the same fire button to Throw and Open Doors, I found out that assigning keyboard press to open the Door was disrupting the flow of the game. So, you can't shoot next to the door, you need to move away some before shooting.

Link is here and I hope it works.


Could you put it in The Zone ? Or somwhere where I could download it with Ibrowse ?
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