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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I just had a small test on my A1200. It seems very good but need two Amigas and a mixer.
Yes, as you need two turntables and a mixer to mix tunes
We never implied otherwise.
You can also mix it with other stuff, you can be creative. If you see my first Amiga mixes on Youtube, I wasn't even using a mixer, I was using a computer's soundcard and a control interface as my mixer.

Play with configs, find your ideal setup The manual I am working on will include some basic setups people can try to get started.

So my disk based A500 wouldn`t be a good choice.
If you have Kickstart 2.x , you can run it from floppy. It works fine for stuff like chiptunes which are really small! Heck, if you have 2MB RAM and don't mind only trying small modules, and your machine is 1.x, you can maybe softkick into 2.0. I haven't tried it, but, it might work.

This is the best time to buy an Amiga 600 to add to your collection though

Originally Posted by johnim View Post
hi guys what would be the simplest mixer to use with it
Anything that mixes two audio signals will do. There's some super cheap shit which is just like a crossfader and that's it. Depends on how much control you want on your mixing. There's probably plenty of "starting up" DJ threads on music forums around the internet.

There's really cheap line mixers like this:

This one is also interesting:

But on a DJ setup this isn't optimal, you want a DJ mixer, that has the classic two fader/crossfader setup, at least.
This looks like a nice option and Stanton is a good brand:
Recommended budget brand: Numark
Recommended better brands: Vestax, Ecler, Pioneer, Allen & Heath
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