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anyone feels a good samaritan for defending Trodas, consider this.

In the past week, I have had over 700 emails all from the same person with regards a WHDLoad bug report for Cannon Fodder, and the username is FUCKINGPERVIT (sic!) and GALAHADFUCKER, and the 'clever' person has added different numbers onto the end of the email name so as to try and conceal who they are.

Needless to say, I have blocking software on my machine that filtered all this crap out, and the only thing I knew about it was a message to say, you have lots of messages all the same so they have been trashed.

Nice try Pavel you monkey, but funnily enough, just because you post lots of pointless messages through the WHDLoad bug report page doesn't actually make you anonymous/hidden you stupid, stupid, stupid, gay monkey prick!

As you are the only person that 'suffers' these problems with Cannon Fodder, it will remain as it is for the forseeable future (i.e. A lot longer!).

Have a nice day won't you Pavel!
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