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Amiga Game Guide Volume One and Two

Hi everyone, I have finally finished volume 2 of my incredibly ambitious project to play through and catalogue every single Amiga game. I realise that there are sites out there who have done that already, but I hope many will see a use (as I do) for an offline book, that is geared to be nice and readable on a tablet or Kindle Fire.

My hope is eventually to provide the Halliwell Film Guide equivalent to Amiga Games and so allow people to browse through all Amiga games of yesteryear and all the box art, reviews all in one place.

The books are totally free and is done simply because I am enjoying doing them. All I ask is give some comments, feedback or highlight mistakes on this forum if you spot any. Its just nice to know peoples views especially when you have put quite a bit of effort into something.

If anyone wants to have it directly on their own website or make copies, then I would be honoured (particularly as it would be nice to find a permanent home for it), the only stipulation I have is no one attempts to charge for the book.

Here are the links to the first two volumes, if you downloaded the Work in Progress link I posted earlier for volume 1 then it is well worth re-downloading as this is now the final version (except undoubted proof read fixes) and so has a full introduction and covers now.

Amiga Game Guide - Volume 01 - # -A

Amiga Game Guide - Volume 02 - B

These are big books (Volume 2, came in at 739 pages... so that is a lot of reading .. enjoy.)
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