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Originally Posted by Simmo76 View Post
I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us (but especially any of us who've been monitoring the 'EAB Freebies for members' thread), when I say that it's been a privilege to have you here.

From a personal point of view I'd like to thank you again for the free games that you've sent my way.

Enjoy the Lemon sites now they're back up and running but don't forget about us all on EAB, eh?

Don't worry. I won't forget this place here. You'll even see some new entries in your favourite thread by me in the future.

btw: I didn't open this thread to fish for compliments. It's an honest thank to everyone keeping me informed about Amiga news. I had to learn the hard way, there is no such complement to Lemon64 (well, maybe besides CSDB, but that's not the same anyway).
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