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Originally Posted by tomse View Post
I think the latest 68060.library is the best to use ;-)
Consider it done for next version.

Originally Posted by tomse View Post
I think you're mistaking the cpu040 executable with the 68040.library..

but what you're installing (as far as I could see) was the cpu040 on my 68060 system, and since there is a cpu060.... you know :-)

tbh I don't use it, but someone might ;-)
You are talking about the cpu command? If that is the case, the problem lies that there isnt a cpu command that covers the entire amiga range of cpus. The closest I ┬┤ve seen is the one from 3.9, but even that one has 68000 support missing. I could include the cpu060 if you find it handy when an accelerator is detected. Let me know if you really use this command, and I will pack it in
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