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Originally Posted by tomse View Post
I've been working on getting the OS3.1 part of my A4000 up running today.
BW3.6 was integrated right away.

though when checking for accelerators and setting up, it seems that it copies CPU40 even though it's a 060 processor (phase5) (which could do better with CPU60)
also it uses the older 68060.library 46.7 rather than the newer 46.15.
The cpu libraries work this way:
68040.library is in fact, a loader that detects wether the cpu is a 68060 or 68040. If a 68040 is found it will load the cpu40.library if a 68060 is found it will load 68060.library.

So there is nothing wong in installing cpu40.library, it is there just in case you are one of those users that swap cpus, but anyway, it wont harm your system.

Regarding the version numbers I thought it was the best choice to use last official versions. But if you think it is better, I will include the one you pointed out.

Let me know what you think, and thank you for your comments.
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