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Originally Posted by Simmo76 View Post
Me too - and I can thoroughly recommend it. Cheap, great battery life, no DRM, plays virtually anything - including .mod files....

I've had a Clip+ for years and not really used it. I read about Rockbox a while back but then forgot to install it.

I installed it on Friday and it is great. It is excellent to play .MOD & .SID.
You can have loads of songs and it takes up b*gger all space. I am listening to all the great game music.

The Doom, Gameboy & Specy emulators take some getting used to! A bit difficult to see what is going on.

A very impressive software mod.

I was wondering if it worth getting the Clip Zip as it has the colour screen. They are £20 on the bay, Sandisk refurbished.
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