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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Also, why didn't you make an icon for it to start on Workbench?
Because it's not meant to be run from Workbench.
You need as MUCH Chip RAM as you can afford to load the majority of modules, so loading Workbench is a pretty terrible idea as it is a waste of RAM. Loading it straight is the way to get the best performance you can, specially on restricted memory systems.

Of course memory isn't a problem in an emulated Amiga, but using an emulator isn't really the point of the software.

it doesn't run here from a shell storing it on C.
Edit: Ah, ok. It needs the mod files of the adf to be in the folder to run.
Read the README file.
You cannot invoke PT1210 if there are no MODs currently in your path.
CD to a directory that has your modfiles (LIMIT:200) and then invoke it.
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