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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Switching from PAL to Super72 in a A500+ config crashes WinUAE if filters are off.

A500+ 4MB lowest compatibility quickstart + ROM 3.1 + filters off. Workbench 3.1 in DF0, Storage in DF1 and Extras in DF2. First run Storage/Monitors/Super72, then run Extras/Prefs/Screenmode and select Super72 super-high res laced (800x600), click on Use -> Minidump (see attachment).
Unfortunately I can't duplicate it. Dump file makes sense at least but I am not sure why it happens.

Does it happen in 2.7.0? Does it happen if you use latest beta but set superhires in display panel before starting emulation? Does it happen in DirectDraw mode too?

(thanks for perfect instructions)

Originally Posted by bladecgn View Post
On a 1920x1200 monitor setup, DblPal resolution displays correctly if using "auto integer scaling".

"Integer scaling" does not work anymore though, it is not scaled and not displayed centered but somewhat lower and left of center of the screen. possibly fixes it. (This is yet another worked accidentally.. Filters aren't really designed for programmed modes)
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