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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Try using WinImage to create a virtual image of the Hard Drive and see if that works for you with WinUAE

(WinImage VHD's work just fine as Hard Files with WinUAE, I'm not sure how it handles bad sectors though)
Hi Steve,

Earlier this week, I tried creating a hardfile from an AmigaDOS FFS-formatted ZIP Disk with bad sectors using WinImage 8.50 (Registered), and it quit as soon as it encountered the first bad sector. (I had previously dumped good hardfiles from some other Zip Disks with no bad sectors.)

Next, I tried dumping the bad ZIP Disk again using Active@ Disk Image 4.0.4 (Registered). Active@ Disk Image offers retries when bad sectors are found. This time it was successful, but all bad sectors which could not be recovered were zeroed out in the hardfile as you would expect.

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